Keeping Restaurants in Business

These are uncertain times for us all. Restaurants are getting hit hard. Delivery Apps charge 20-50% to the Restaurant and have no use for most of the staff as they contract their own drivers and manage orders.

Delivery Apps use sub-contracted delivery drivers. They are paid via Delivery Fees charged to the customer and business. These apps are heavy on outsourced Support Staff and in-house developers and designers. 

The Restaurant, however, has to pay for a prime location, staff, risk food spoiling or being thrown out and they have a large number of other expenses. Their overhead is very high. 

However, the delivery app takes 20-50% of the GROSS revenue from each order. If profit margins are not high or offset by dine-in and foot-traffic customers, they will be scraping to survive if they rely on these apps.

Overhead is Low. Profits Are High

Delivery Apps state the fee to market and bring customers to the app are the reasons for their fees. Also, their Delivery Drivers that Restaurants are forced to use. The fact of the matter is, these Apps gain notoriety through word of mouth and existing apps that had millions and millions of users.

The Restaurant may get some impressions, but standing out on the app usually is defined by under-cutting other Restaurants

The 'Marketing Fee' is the justification

How Other Apps Work

a Better Delivery App

We have overheads as well, but we only charge $1 per order. Which Means Restaurants can afford to pay drivers and pass on savings to the customer who is ordering Take-out or Delivery

Lower Fees for Everyone

Trained Food Handlers

We allow the Restaurant to re-purpose or hire Industry Employees through our Free Job Marketplace. Now the Restaurant can have employees who are trained and represent their brand delivering orders

Easy to Use for Everyone

Delivran functions just like any other App. Customers select the food they want when they want it delivered and everyone is updated through the App and SMS notifications. We integrate with systems too

Same Service. Different App.

Order Food

Select Address

Pick Delivery Time

Delivered by Staff

Restaurant Paid

Keep Your Favorite Restaurants and Friendly Staff in Business with 

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